A father, husband, airline pilot, instructor, entrepreneur, and author. A humble hearted  servant leader who strives to add value to people aligns with Joe’s true being. After realizing his childhood dream of becoming an airline pilot, Joe ventured into instructing other pilots and founded the flight academy 1StepPrep based in Miami, FL. Instructing others has brought Joe true purpose leading him to write 3 books that accompany numerous training programs he’s created. Additionally, Joe is John Maxwell Certified speaker & coach. His teaching passion has gone beyond the cockpit as Joe educates others on subjects he’s truly passionate about equipping others in: money, mindset & communication. Finally, Joe has perfected his highly sought after teaching and delivery methods and founded the AX3 Instructional system to “train other trainers” on how to maximize their instructional results. 

The Mission

I’ve always known the strategies to excelling in life would not be found in our formal education system. For years I’ve watched my family suffer the consequences of lacking this information. We’ve moved 9 times all for money, carried our own furniture into moving vans and dripped sweat as landlords watched us carry boxes into their rental homes. My parents have aged ahead of schedule, and lack of information with practical steps has affected more than just finances. 

More than 76% of the USA lives paycheck to paycheck and the average American doesn’t even have $10,000 saved. Lack of communication skills plagues many to the degree they can’t even negotiate a pay raise. 

My mission is to educate the world with real strategies & proven steps to execute and win in your life of finance and human relations. Exactly how to run your personal finance and how to communicate in ways that will increase your influence to get what you deserve. Finally, how to place positive mental fortitude as a priority in your life. This will require time, patience, dedication and most importantly: for you to get embody a mindset of “Infinite Improvement”. If you’ve made the decision to better your life, let’s work together and I know I will help you.  

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