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If you're looking for the tool that straps you in the pilot seat to get your life off of autopilot this is the book for you. This book contains over 75 lessons on Money, Motivation & Communication. Real world strategies with practical steps to execute and win in your life of finance and human relationships.

Growing up I remember always thinking "why isn't school teaching anything of practical application!". They never taught anything about money, how to influence others to get what you and your family deserve, and build a mental fortress that would allow me to go through life and blow doors open when they closed, turn criticism to jet fuel, and stay "Mission Minded". Basically; how to win in life.

After many years of searching, reading, watching, listening, and learning from people far more successful than I; I pieced together all the bits of information into an easy to read "Flight Plan". This book is the exact blueprint of how I accumulated over $250,000 cash, landed my dream job as an airline pilot, started a cash flowing business, bought a home and married my beautiful life partner all by the age of 25. This isn't a book of my life story, it's a book of steps, with practical application that you can use to truly have your life takeoff.

Get the book, get in the pilot seat, and let's navigate to your destination together. Your potential far exceeds what you give yourself credit for and these lessons will prove that with the right information you'll go further than you imagined.

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