I am so confident you can still turn your 2020 around and make it a great year. I am inviting 20 people to join me twice a month on a virtual call for the rest of the year. Together we will construct a plan to have you get your money on track. I will personally review with you:

  • Determining your house hold income
  • House hold “burn rate”
  • Operating margins
  • Which bank accounts to open
  • Opportunities to take advantage of amidst COVID
  • Saving money
  • Planning for freedom not retirement
  • Boosting your credit score

Most importantly this group is about accountability. We will hold each other accountable on the mission. You will immediately get access to my 27 videos segments on money along with spreadsheets and Ebook.

My personal guarantee 

  • Boost your credit score at least 20 points this year
  • On track to Save $2,000
  • Start a 2nd income flow

If i fail to do any of these for you I will refund every penny of your investment or $200 the greater of the two.



per month for 4 total payments

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